Tulsa Creative Engine is a 501c3 non-profit organization that aims to support Tulsa’s creative community by championing artists and musicians as entrepreneurs, and expanding the ecosystem of resources to help them thrive.

Upcoming Events

Discover the pulse of Tulsa's creative community at our upcoming events, including the Frequency Tulsa Fresh Showcase and Health & Wellness Workshops, are curated to nurture and showcase the immense talent within our community. Engage in our Spark Sessions Workshops to elevate your artistic prowess. Join us and be a part of a thriving network dedicated to fostering the economic and cultural value of our local artists. Let’s create, connect, and thrive together!



Serving Tulsa as a collaborator and resource, incorporating the voices of creatives into our work and partnering with organizations aligned with our mission.

Artistic Expression

Championing the inherent value of music and art, and the enrichment that creators bring to our community.



We are inclusive and anti-racist, providing access and striving for equity at individual, institutional, and structural levels.



Support for creatives should include their mental, physical, and financial well-being.


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